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The bulk sms reseller platform is an easy way to profit form selling on our sms services at a marked up rate of your chosing.

Whether you have a client that would use bulk sms, or that you could position your website in google for 'bulk sms' search terms. This reseller package offers you a white label website and api that could generate a significant passive income.

Reselling via a white label website:

The white label website is available for . It requires .NET hosting, and a bulk SMS account with credit on FreebieSMS

Configuring the white label website is done mainly through the web.config file in the root of the website. Click for more information on our white label

Reselling via the API:

For more adventurous programmers the api is available to allow low level access to the bulk sms account data stored on our servers. It is accessed via standard . Click for more information on our webservice API

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