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Once downloaded and unzipped on your windows server, you will need to edit the following settings in the web.config file.

  • Markup - Your profit margin
  • PaypalAccount - Your paypal account
  • Website - The Url where the site is hosted
  • SourceAccountUsername - Your username on FreebieSMS
  • SourceAccountPassword - Your password on FreebieSMS

Additionally, you should replace the contact details located in the files BulkSMSReseller.Master and Contact.aspx, we would ask you to retain the link to FreebieSMS, for legal reasons.

All payments from your customers go directly into your paypal account. Credit, minus your profit margin is transferred from your account on FreebieSMS to your customers account. It is necessary to ensure that your account on FreebieSMS holds enough credit to allow these transfers.

Pricing shown on the website include your markup. Your customers balances are also marked up using your profit margin, so that it is not evident that their underlying balance has your profit deducted.

Customisations to this white label website are permitted, and we will be happy to offer promotional assistance to our best resellers. If you require us to do custom work on your website, then we charge an hourly fee for development.

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